Cause and Affect

Cause and Affect


As a part of the invitational jewelry exhibition Koru 4, A5 reimagined the “Improvisation” project by inviting Swedish choreographer Ann Lindberg to perform and transform a series of synthetic plaster cast cups and glasses.




A project organized an initiated by Steinbeisser which paired A5 with contemporary dancers David Zambrano and Matt Voorter. A5 cast hundreds of household cups and glasses in synthetic plaster reacting to the stylistically designed bar area where the performance and exhibition took place.

Checks And Balances

Checks And Balances


Checks and Balances was a collaborative lecture/performance created by A5 and fellow artist/curator/creative Jacquelyn Davis. Further information about the performance, as well as an excerpt of Davis’ reading can be found by clicking HERE.


Nr #21



Bracelet: L:115 W:105 D:18 mm. Hole size, inner diameter: 68 mm Material: Wood, Lacquer

Nr #20



Brooch: L:105 W:70 D:43 mm. Material: Wood, Steel


A5 on i24news


Annika Pettersson and Adam Grinovich were fortunate to appear on i24news in Tel Aviv, talking about the “Aeon Profit – Piano Forte,” working in a group, and our experience in Israel.


Watch the culture report by CLICKING HERE 

A5 in Jerusalem at the Bezalel Academy


A5 will be visiting the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem, Israel from the 24th to the 27th of November 2014, to lecture, teach, and install a special edition of the “Aeon Profit – Piano Forte” exhibition. Annika Pettersson and Adam Grinovich will give a three day lecture “Gordian Knot” for the students of the academy. A5 extends great thanks to friend and colleague Dana Hakim for the invitation

A5 at Oslo national academy of the Arts


A5 will be in Oslo to give a lecture at Oslo national academy of the Arts. A5 extends a warm thanks to professor Anders Ljungberg for the invitation.

Platina 15 Years at Färgfabriken


A5 has the honor to exhibit at Gallery Platinas 15 years anniversary at Färgfabriken from 11 of September 2014. This exhibition highlights memorable exhibitions from the Stockholm gallery over the past 15 years.


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A5 was formed in 2008 with the idea of connecting three artists whom shared a similar vision. Annika Pettersson, Romina Fuentes, and Adam Grinovich met while studying at the Adellab/metalformgivning department at Konstfack University. Each member maintains a career as a professional artist in the field of contemporary jewelry. A5 has since served as a forum for creative discussion and international cross-disciplinary collaboration.


A5 has worked on a variety of projects with the main goal of establishing connections with as many diverse fields as possible. It is extremely important for A5 to promote work to a large audience, collectively and individually we feed off of the viewpoint of the viewer, the relationship between objects, images, and individuals.