Feed the creator

Feed the creator

“Feed the Creator” is a pop-up styled exhibition, initiated by artist and professor of the Oslo Academy of Art Anders Ljungberg. A makeshift kiosk is quickly installed where sausages and unique ceramic rings are sold. All photos © Hannes Rohrer

Aeon profit – Piano forte

Aeon profit – Piano forte


An installation made up of several hundred individual pieces of jewelry, all created from a single Piano. The initial concept, a reaction to the lifespan of a valuable object, began when A5 obtained a standup piano via a private donation. The group then reduced the elements that constructed the piano into creative expressions which manifested themselves as unique jewelry objects.

Corpus Container III

Corpus Container III


The third installment of the “Corpus Container” series this time with A5 and OTSE! drawing inspiration from the performative and theatrical elements established in the previous exhibitions. The result was a series of expressive masks made from the refuse material found at the railway repair workshop in Tallinn Estonia. Swedish photographer Andreas Thorén was invited to photograph the works.


Nr #3



Necklace: L:75 W:70 D:11 mm. (pendant size) Material: Wood, Felt, Twine

Nr: #16



Brooch: L:40 W:103 D:18 mm Material: Cast Iron, Steel

Nr #4



Necklace L:58 W56 D:31 mm. (pendant size) Material: Wood, Lacquer, Twine

Nr #2



Necklace L:80 W60 D:30 mm. (pendant size) Material: Wood, Twine

Nr #1



Necklace: L:70 W:11 D:15 mm. (pendant size) Material: Steel, Twine

Nr #5




Necklace: L:150 W:80 D:40 mm. (pendant size) Material: Wood, Veneer, Lacquer, Twine


Velvet da Vinci


A5 will present Aeon profit – Piano forte at Velvet da Vinci in San Francisco, USA, from the 7th of February 2014.


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A5 was formed in 2008 with the idea of connecting three artists whom shared a similar vision. Annika Pettersson, Romina Fuentes, and Adam Grinovich met while studying at the Adellab/metalformgivning department at Konstfack University. Each member maintains a career as a professional artist in the field of contemporary jewelry. A5 has since served as a forum for creative discussion and international cross-disciplinary collaboration.


A5 has worked on a variety of projects with the main goal of establishing connections with as many diverse fields as possible. It is extremely important for A5 to promote work to a large audience, collectively and individually we feed off of the viewpoint of the viewer, the relationship between objects, images, and individuals.