"Aeon Profit - Piano Forte" is a project about the value of objects. In Stockholm one can find a piano at any time via internet forums. The value of these once precious tools for making music has dropped to absolute zero. A5 took this phenomenon as a starting point in questioning the value of objects, and re-purposed the entire piano into individual pieces of jewelry. The function was thereby removed and revalued in terms of wearable objects. "Piano Forte - Aeon Profit" was shown at Galleri Platina, Stockholm Sweden 2010 and during the International Handwork Exhibition (via Galleri Platina) in Munich Germany 2011

Image from "Aeon Profit - Piano Forte" in Munich Germany (shown though Galleri Platina) in March of 2011

Selected individual shots of the pieces from "Aeon Profit - Piano Forte"